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Did MI6 Spy Gareth Williams Kill Himself (Photos)?

by | 25th, August 2010

DR Gareth Williams is dead. Was it suicide? He worked for MI6. Was he a spy? Is he Anna Chapman for the ladies or gay men?

The media news cycle is on it. The deceased is not here to defend himself in the maw of a voracious media.

There are many questions. But let’s look at the facts.

Williams’ body was stabbed repeatedly, placed in a bag and stuck in a bath at his London flat. The flat is owned by a company called New Rodina, which is Russian and Bulgarian means Motherland. The company works out of the British Virgin Islands.

Presumably, MI6 does not house their workers just anywhere and pays a fee of some kind to New Rodina? Williams was on secondment from GCHQ Cheltenham. Would he have been allowed to live just anywhere – or would his employers have helped him to find decent, secure digs?

Anyhow, he was killed for being a spy, right? Well, we might never know. But already the smear job is underway, and Sky News delivers this:

Police think do not believe the killing is linked to terrorism and are working on the theory the death is connected to the victim’s personal life, sources say.

Yeah, the unnamed sources tell the police. They sound like reliable sources of unbiased fact, don’t they?

Meanwhile, the only pictures released is of Dr Williams clad in skin-tight royal blue Lyrca on his push bike. He lived alone. He was not married.

Anyone else think the murderous gay lover ploy is being enacted? Or maybe – get this – he did a Dr David Kelly and committed suicide? Or..?

A man has died and his  body has been tossed to a voracious media happy to speculate…

UPDATE – we were right – The Media Destroys ‘Gay Transvestite’ Spy Gareth Williams – News And Pictures


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