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Kent’s One-Legged Flasher Sentenced In Court

by | 26th, August 2010

MR Graham Shepherd, 48, is the one-legged penis flasher of Dartford, Kent.

Mr Shepherd was accused of exposing himself and performed sex acts before teenage girls walking past his home.

Police call round to see him. Mr Shepherd says his alleged behaviour was an impossibility because he would have been unable to balance on one leg.

To Maidstone Crown Court, Kent, where a “medical expert” says Mr Shepherd could have performed the deeds while remaining “stable”. How the expert knows this is unexplained, moreover what branch of medicine he is expert in.

Judge Jeremy Gold QC looks down from on high:

Flashing out of your window has got to stop – and it has got to stop now. This sort of behaviour is intolerable. I am singularly unimpressed that having behaved in this manner you had the audacity to deny it to the police in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

”I do not hesitate to say that had you not been as cooperative as you were and you were not suitable for a sex offenders’ programme, you would be going to prison today. You can put this extraordinary behaviour behind you.”

Mr Shepherd will sign the sexual offences register for five years. While seated…

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