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X Factor: Dublin’s Mary Byrne Is The New Susan Boyle

by | 27th, August 2010

SHIRLENA Johnson, the woman with the John Wayne gait dancing The Freddie (video) on the X Factor is not the new Susan Boyle. The new Susan Boyle is also not Mary Bale, the Coventry cat woman. The new SuBo is … Mary Byrne. Give it up for MaBy, the Gairy Ballykissangel !

Who is she?

Why she the singer who left “X FACTOR babe Cheryl Cole… in tears”.

She shagged Ashley Cole? Or is it her hair – is her hair that bad?

No, Cheryl was in tears “after discovering the new Susan Boyle”.

You trawl the country for talent and in the nets among the old bikes, bags of builders’ cement and dregs is a 45-year-old woman ready to be patronised for our entertainment.

Was she starved of oxygen at birth?

That for later. For now listen in as Dublin supermarket worker Mary Byrne sings Shirley Bassey’s I Who Have Nothing in the style of a woman who really has nothing.

This gels with Cheryl, who functions as the patron saint of TV music panels judges and weeps.

Cheryl is amazed by the “incredible power and emotion” of her performance. And MaBy isn’t bad either.

But what else do we know about Mary? Says Katie Begley, of the Star:

Just like Britain’s Got Talent star Susan, 49, timid Mary takes to the stage and admits she has been too scared to ever try and showcase her voice.

Or as Katie also puts it later in the story:

The popular Dubliner is already a local celebrity who has being gigging in pubs and clubs for 20 years.

But she has been scared throughout, right, Katie..?

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