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Police Hunt Ends As Husband Finds Missing Wife Dead At Home

by | 27th, August 2010

POLICE in Las Vegas have been looking for Billie Jean James since she went missing on April 22nd.

They used helicopters with infrared technology to search the surrounding desert, while volunteers fanned out and highly-trained search dogs sniffed through her two houses, which were cluttered and packed to the rafters with junk, because 67-year-old Billie Jean was apparently a compulsive hoarder.

She and her husband reportedly built the second house on their property to hold all the stuff she hoarded.
This week, Billie Jean’s husband Bill called police and said he found her body in the back room of one of the houses, underneath all the clutter. “She’s been in the house this whole time,” he said. “I didn’t see a lot, but I recognized her shoes. I saw her feet first.”

Was Billie Jean’s body really there the whole time? One expert says the triple-digit heat, rotting food, decay and other smells associated with a hoarder’s house could have thrown the search dogs off the scent. Police are still investigating.

Stay tuned… – TB

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