Anorak News | Male Fetish Priest Gives Birth to Daughter In Ghana

Male Fetish Priest Gives Birth to Daughter In Ghana

by | 27th, August 2010

MR KWABENA Benie, of Ghana’s Sefwi Wiawso District, has given birth to a baby girl.

Mr Kwabena Benie, 24, is self-styled “senior fetish priest” of the Apomasu shrine at Sefwi Apemtamadi. On Tuesday August 10, 2010, he gave birth to a daughter through his vagina. He named her Abena Apomasu.

In Sefwi Aboduam, hundreds of people mass to see the wonder that is priest Nana Kwabena Benie.

Says the Ghana report:

Kwabena Benie, whose chest was as flat as a man’s, wore a white ‘kaba cloth’, a wig and black and white accessories to match.

The crowd clap. They sing. They cry out “Kwabena Benie has done what Komfo Anokye could not do”. People queue to see the man’s child.

Kwabena Benie, now called Abena Benie, says that whesn he was 13 “the river god at Aboduam called ‘Apomasu’, possessed him so he became a fetish priest and had to serve the god”.

The god told him never to have sex with woman. Benie disobeyed. But he had frequent pains in his penis. One night his penis vanished!

“When I felt the pain, I tried to touch my penis with my hands but I realized that it had turned into a vagina.”

He then shagged a man called Kwesi Nkoah. He, it seems, rejected the pregnancy.

He stressed that even though some people were skeptical about his story, every bit of it was true because he would not tell the whole world that he had given birth to a child when he had not done so.

Anyone who wants to see him and his nipper can. As she says:

“They should come along with gifts for little Abena.”

Although cash might suffice…

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