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This Week’s X Factor Victim Is The Salvaged Annastasia Baker

by | 29th, August 2010

X FACTOR’S latest victim is Annastasia Baker (aka Anastasia Baker). Shirlena Johnson is old news. The Mirror says that “TV pressure” could “break” the wannabe star.

Something worth watching on the telly, then, as the summer ends and the gloom of winter set in? Britain’s Got Issues is live – for now!

We hear from “proud” Ian Baker who was “astonished” to hear Simon Cowell call his daughter names and be unkind.Cowell labelled Baker a “terrible Tina Turner tribute act”.

Says Mr Baker:

“No father wants to hear his daughter being called a tranny, especially after everything she has been through with the show in the past.”

The past is when Annastasia appeared on the show in 2008. She “collapsed” singing Gloria Estefan’s Everlasting Love in front of Cheryl Cole. She had recently given birth to Nevaeh – “Heaven” backwards – and there is talk of post-natal depression.

The rejection turned her into an emotional wreck.

But the wrecked is salvaged and she is back. And she’s belting out Tina Turner’s Proud Mary.

Cowell looks on and says:

“This is like one of these terrible Tina Turner tribute acts. I’ve seen trannies do better versions.”

Transvestites are not all drag queens. But credit to Cowell’s expertise in this field – spotting a transvestite from the genuine Turner might not be that simple.

But that is not all Cowell said. The Mirror is editing the words to fit in with its agenda that the X Factor acts are routinely abused and all on the verge of cracking up.

He said:

This is like one of these terrible Tina Turner acts. I’ve seen trannies do better. You’re a better singer than that.”

She then sang another song:

“Either that song was a million times better than the last one. The problem is, you sing like a cabaret singer and you actually have anatural talented voice. But it all has to be scraped away and I want to start again with a black sheet of paper.”

Unlike the Mirror which has its story printed before the show has aired…

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