Anorak News | Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere Upstaged By Mohammad Amir As Fight Caught On CCTV

Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere Upstaged By Mohammad Amir As Fight Caught On CCTV

by | 30th, August 2010

POOR Jack Wilshere. On a slower news day, the teenaged Arsenal and England player’s alleged involvement in a fracas outside London’s Amika night club would have been the biggest sports story. But, then, cricket took over.

The brawl even took place yards from the Daily Mail’s offices. Images were captured on the paper’s CCTV cameras. But Wilshere does not feature in the paper until Page 5, after a picture of Cliff Richard’s naked chest and more news on Mohammad Amir, aka Mohammad Aamer.

Better, perhaps, had Jack announced his arrival in the England squad by more salacious mean than being at the “wrong place at the wrong time”, perhaps by spit-roasting a glamour mod-el or stamping on a Portuguese?

As it is Jack has to make do with being only a small mention on two front pages (Star and Sun).

News is that he was arrested following an incident in which a girl had her elbow broken after being “punched repeatedly and kicked to the ground”.

Says Wilshere’s spokesman:

“The police have made it very clear that he is an important witness and played the role of peacemaker and is unlikely to face any charges. Jack will co-operate fully with the police investigation.”

Jack’s a good lad. But if he wants to blend in with this England team he will need to try harder. Does he have a car he can speed in..?

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