Anorak News | Smoking Cannabis Reduces Chronic Back Pain And Makes You A Criminal

Smoking Cannabis Reduces Chronic Back Pain And Makes You A Criminal

by | 30th, August 2010

ANYONE who has ever had acute pain alleviated by cannabis, will be intrigued by a study conducted by Dr Mark Ware, McGill University in Montreal, that says smoking alleviates pain.

Can’t argue with the science, readers.

A study of 23 people with damaged nerves in their backs found that those who inhaled weed smoke felt less pain, were less depressed and less anxious than those that did not.

You can read the findings in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. And it vital stuff. As the BBC says:

Around 1 to 2% of people have chronic neuropathic pain – pain due to problems with signalling between nerves – but effective treatments are lacking.

But smoking marijuana is illegal. Those people who want to take cannabis to alleviate their personal pain and stress do so at the rick of being labelled criminals.

And you can’t grow it, either. Experts say it must be legal. But Scotland has just launched a new offensive on cannabis “farms”, that can be pretty small. So. You need to buy it. But her do you buy it from? Marc Emery’s seed shop is shut. You need someone with weed – you need a criminal. And you are more likely to find a dealer that grows the super-strength version of the weed called skunk, which is sold at a premium – so making the risk more worthwhile – and is as likely to get you off pain as off your head.

Dr Mark Ware says:

“To our knowledge, this is the first outpatient clinical trial of smoked cannabis ever reported.”

There rest were conducted in the privacy of the patient’s own bed…

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