Anorak News | Is Pakistan ‘Cheat’ Mohammad Amir Damned By His Accuracy?

Is Pakistan ‘Cheat’ Mohammad Amir Damned By His Accuracy?

by | 30th, August 2010

HERE are some photos of the Pakistan team leaving their hotel in London’s Swiss Cottage. Mazhar Majeed, who boasted of a betting scam involving some of Pakistan’s players, has been bailed without charge following his arrest by Scotland Yard.

The scam centres on no balls – the alleged fixer said three no balls would be delivered on schedule. At the stated times, there were indeed three no balls: two to Amir and one to Asif.

And a look at the score card – not the race card – shows that one of the accused Mohammad Asif bowled 29 overs at the England blades – that’s 174 balls – and only 2 no balls.

His co-accused, Mohammad Amir, threw down 28 overs and gave away just 4 no balls and 1 wide.

Amir is 18. If he weren’t such a talented cricketer – and so damned accurate – he would not look as iffy…

Note: And get a load of Amir clutching his big pot of what looks like a kind of weight-gain product. Is carrying it about as part of his arm-strengthening routine?


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Pakistan team manager Yawar Saeed at the team hotel, Swiss Cottage, London.

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