Anorak News | Elin Nordegren’s Barbie Band-Aid Bikini and Tiger’s Women (Photos)

Elin Nordegren’s Barbie Band-Aid Bikini and Tiger’s Women (Photos)

by | 31st, August 2010

ELIN Nordegren has divorced hole chaser Tiger Woods and wants to tell Hello! readers all about it, as she first told readers of People magazine. This is the same interview being passed off by Hello! as an Elin “exclusive”.

Elin is the “fiercely private golden girl”. Elin is now worth a rumoured $100million dollars, as part of the divorce settlement. That kind of money can secure a lot of privacy.

Says Elin:

“Money can’t buy happiness, but I have to honest: it is making some things easier.”

Elin tells us of her love for Tiger and how, having seen her parents’ divorce, the golfer made her “believe in love again”. The highlights of the interview are hereunder:

The Into:

“Give Daddy kisses,” says Elin Woods, cuddling her two children – one on each hip – in the garage doorway as they return from their father’s house a mile around the corner.”

The children are Sam (three) and Charlie (9 months). Sam places a Barbie Band-Aid between Elin eyebrows (pronounced EE-lin). Says the child: “For Mommy’s boo-boo.

And an emergency depilation?

The Private Person

“My plan was just to stay the way I was. For my kids, I felt that (remaining private) was the only normalcy I could give them, since they have a very famous dad. But after everything that was written and speculation – 0 what I did or didn’t do – I felt like setting something straight… What I want people to know is how hard it has been.”

She later adds:

“I hope that the kids and I will get the privacy we need to adjust to our new situation.”

The Truth

“I’ve been going through hell… But I survived. It was hard, but it didn’t kill me.”

The Children

Sam has been given a speaking part in the drama (see above) but Elin will not allow them to be photographed.

Says she: “I want to shelter them as much as I can.

Elin tells us that when she moved home, Marie – the 21-year-old part-time nanny – “taught her and the children to bake”. Elin also won custody of the house-keeper.

Says Elin:

“I’ve not watch on minute of gold.”

The Crash:

“There was never any violence outside out home. They speculation that I would have used a golf club to hit him are just truly ridiculous.”

Tiger had left home and crashed his car. Elin, worried about him, went looking.

“I did everything I could to get him out of the locked car. To think anything else is absolutely wrong.”


“It is flattering to be called a model but I hardly think a few shoots in my teenage make me a model.”

The Future:

“I have no intention of addressing the matter again after this interview.”

Elin later says that when younger her “dream,” was to be a footballer or a journalist”. At 30, she’s leaving it late to play for her native Sweden. But her future as a hack is surely there whenever she wants it…

The Photos:


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