Anorak News | Pakistan Cricket Scandal’s Ex Factor As Sexy Veena Malik Testifies Against Asif

Pakistan Cricket Scandal’s Ex Factor As Sexy Veena Malik Testifies Against Asif

by | 31st, August 2010

WITH a bright light shone on cricket amid allegations that members of the Pakistan team cheated and tricked idiots stupid enough to gamble on the toss of ball, we meet Veena Malik actress and former lover to Mohammad Asif, who tells us:

“When Pakistan started losing in Australia, I jokingly said, ‘For God’s sake, win a match.’ To this he replied, ‘We won’t win anything until 2010.’”

She says he then went to Bangkok.

He told me he was offered $40,000 (£25,850). I advised him not to be part of such activities but he did not listen. He went ahead and demanded $200,000 (£129,300)…

“Since he came back, he has been totally involved in this.”

Forget the bookie. Look for the ex-lover. Veena also pointed the finger at – ready? – Dhiraj Dikshit. She says he is a bookie in on the alleged scam. He responds:

Veena is a liar, I am being targeted as I interact with the players,” he told the media. Anyone can check my bank account; I am clean.”

The Times of India reports – and note that Dikshit is now Dixit:

Dixit said that during a telephonic conversation, Veena… told “me that she is ‘managing’ seven Pakistani players. She did not name the players but told me that if you want we can do a big deal. I’ve results. That time, 2-3 matches withAustralia had taken place and more were in the offing.

“During that time, she told me if I had any big businessman from India who wanted to earn a lot of money in a night, then I can introduce him to her.”

Veena and Asif did not part on the best of terms, as this report suggests:

According to sources cited by Daily Times, Asif had assured Veena to marry her once his cricket career was back on track and he was selected in the Pakistan team.

Asif had been banned from cricket for a year for testing positive for nandrolone in 2006. In 2008, he was stopped in Dubai and, allegedly found to be in possession of drugs. At the time we were told:

“He [Asif] will be deported as soon as the police finalise the procedures,” Mohammad Al Nuaimi, the public prosecutor who handled Asif’s case, told Gulf News. “It is definite that he committed the crime as he was caught red-handed … however in certain cases and for a faster litigation process the Public Prosecution drops a case due to insignificance and deports the suspect.”

Back to Veena and Asif’s love story:

“Veena kept on giving Asif money during his turbulent period. Asif received approximately Rs 20 million from Veena. She had to sell her house in Islamabad, a couple of residential plots and gold jewelry to help Asif come out of the mess in which he was. She was madly in love with him. But he dumped her and married someone else,” sources added.

Asif denied Veena’s allegations and an agreement was reached. And now Veena is back…


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