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California’s Cardiff Kook Inspires Artists: Photos

by | 2nd, September 2010

LONDON’S Fourth Plinth worriers should take a look at the statue of a surfer in Cardiff-by-the-sea California. The erection cost the Cardiff Botanical Society $120,000. The copper likeness of a surfer riding a wave stands 16-foot tall.

It’s loved by the locals. They gave it a nickname – the “Cardiff Kook”. (A kook is a derogatory name for a wannabe surfer.) Local artists have been improving the work by dressing it as such things as a clown and a ballerina, and having it eaten by a shark.

Says Michael Clark, chair of the Cardiff Botanical Society:

“I don’t call them vandals. I’ve learned to call them artists.”

The statue has not been vandalised. It is being augmented. Can Britain’s status be so updated?

Spotter: Conor Dougherty, Marina Galperina

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