Anorak News | Katja Puschnik And Antonia Miskic You Legends – Are They The Girl Tossing Live Puppies Into A River?

Katja Puschnik And Antonia Miskic You Legends – Are They The Girl Tossing Live Puppies Into A River?

by | 3rd, September 2010

KATJA PUSCHNIK is, allegedly, the anti-Little Red Riding Hood seen chucking live puppies into a River. But it’s not her. Why someone posted her name on a YouTube video with an apparent  “apology” can now be investigated.

So, is it Antonia Mistkic, as some allege? No evidence says it is. But her name is being used in the context of the story. Or is it someone else in Bosnia who seeks fame or whose enemies want to see destroyed in public? Is it a hoax?

It is not Claudia P. from Aying, whose life has been damaged by accusations that it as her in the video.

Whoever it is, can she now confess and claim the $50,000 reward posted by Hollywood director Michael Bay?

And an arrest has been made.

(You just need to toss puppies or puppy-like toys into a river, stick the grainy film on YouTube and wait for the media shitstorm to make you famous and 50k?)

On Michael Bay’s official website we learn:

There is a disturbing video going around the news outlets. It’s a video of blonde young woman in a red sweatshirt casually tossing squealing puppies into the fast-moving river one by one.

Michael Bay has informed me that he is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and successful prosecution of the woman in the red sweatshirt and the person who shot this act of cruelty.

Call him a creative? How about making the felons watch Transformers on loop forever while eating dog food and standing up to their necks in a river as a huge robot stands guard?

But we are not sure who the girl is. Let’s see what the vigilantes on Facebook are accusing.

Miskic” unites her 394 followers under the banner “FUCK PUPPIES”.

A sample of messages:

Dogs are evil and dangerous, I’ll purge the Earth.

Next time, I will kill this fucking puppies with a hammer. That’ll be awesome.

In Bosnia, everyone do that. It’s really funny and hype.

Another page dedicated to her has 16,786 followers.

Over on Bring Katja Puschnik To Justice, there are 4,368 followers.

And that’s not too shabby. But we do not know for certain who the girl is. And to claim the 5o grand, Bay needs a successful prosecution. What odds someone confesses and gets a pal to claim the money?

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