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Kyron Horman: Does Terri Horman Stand Any Chance Of A Fair Hearing?

by | 3rd, September 2010

KYRON Horman: Under the laws in the United States a person standing trial is entitled to a jury of their peers. Under those laws both the Prosecuting Attorney and Defense Attorney are permitted to question and/or challenge prospective jurors as to any preconceived opinions or beliefs they may have of the person’s innocence or guilt and can have them struck from the jury pool, writes Cheryl from the US.

At the present time a Grand Jury in Oregon is hearing testimony from allegedly over 200 people who are comprised of Police; people who know or have known Terri Horman, even casually; Terri Horman’s close friends; Kyron’s biological parents; people from the school where Kyron attended – all brought before the Grand Jury by the DA, either subpoenaed or appearing voluntarily by the DA’s office.

One only has to read the newspapers carrying the story in Oregon and in other States throughout the United States; read the postings written on multitude of sites; listen to the news reports or watch the Press Conferences given by the Police or Kyron’s biological parents carried nationwide to realize a safe estimate of 95% of the public in Oregon are screaming for her blood and some calling for her execution and she hasn’t even been named a prime suspect by the Police, who at present time are asking the public’s help to get evidence against her.

The Grand Jury meeting at the present time in Oregon is made up of:

Jury means a body of persons temporarily selected from persons who live in a particular county or district, and invested with power to present or indict in respect to a crime or to try a question of fact.”

Those members of the Grand Jury may NOT be questioned NOR challenged as to any preconceived beliefs they have as to any guilt or innocence of Terri Horman in Kyron’s disappearance.

One may aptly describe a Grand Jury as the DA’s show – one-sided, his side. No Defense Attorneys are permitted in the Grand Jury Room to hear testimony or to advise their clients, if any of those testifying have hired one prior.

There have been questions raised in past years whether Oregon’s Grand Jury System works or not and if the DA’s follow the rules.

My question is does Terri Horman even have a chance of a fair hearing by the Grand Jury on whether to indict her or not. Given an estimate of 95% of the people in Oregon and in her own county are screaming for her blood how many of those jurors selected were also screaming for her blood prior to being selected randomly.

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