Anorak News | Man Cuts Of Whale Tail To Eat – Police Go Nuts

Man Cuts Of Whale Tail To Eat – Police Go Nuts

by | 4th, September 2010

WHALE Kill of The Day takes us Delray Beach, south Florida, where a 7-foot whale lies dead on the sands. Chris Hogan walks over. He cuts off the whale’s tail with his knife.

He intends “to eat it”.

Hogan is described as “puffing on a butt in a pastel shirt and pith helmet”.

He cuts a dash. And then the law arrives:

On the beach, just south of Atlantic Avenue, swimmers, police and reporters milled at yellow crime scene tape framing a 40-by-40 foot square. The decomposing carcass was at center and the tail assembly off to the side, Hogan’s orange fishing glove still lying on it.

Hogan is hauled in:

“I apologize to the state of Florida. I pay my taxes and I didn’t know it was illegal. I do now.

He adds:

“They were very nice to me. They said, ‘Were you planning to sell it?’ I said, ‘No, I was planning to eat it. Because I’d never eaten whale before.”

He said he would have broiled or fried the thin ring of meat just beneath the whale’s skin. He also planned to use the flukes for a soup.

Says the local official marina mammal biologist Erin Fougeres:

“It’s going to go into a freezer.”

Aye, aye, Cap’in Birdseye!

Whale is served:

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