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Photos Of Wayne Rooney’s Alleged Prostitute Lover Jenny Thompson

by | 5th, September 2010

WAYNE Rooney cheated on Coleen Rooney with 21-year-old Jenny Thompson, aka Jennifer Thompson, a prostitute, allegedly. So says the News of The World on its front page, its follow up story on Pakistani cricket – billed as the most sensational sporting scandal ever”. – relegated by a footballer’s alleged shags.

The allegation is that Rooney shagged the brass when Coleen was pregnant with their first child, Kai. The Mirror says Rooney stopped seeing her in October 2009. Kai was born in the following November.

This story has been a rumour throughout the summer, served up by gossiping hacks to explain Rooney’s lacklustre performances in the South Africa World Cup. Rooney has form, having been linked to prostitutes Charlotte Glover, Gina McCarrick and Auld Slapper, a grandma of 48.

Says Jenny:

“Wayne chased me with sex texts and paid in wads of cash. He didn’t seem to care he was betraying Coleen.”

She then commiserates with Coleen, which is toughing, eh, readers:

“I think he believes he’s invincible and untouchable. As a woman, I wouldn’t like that done to me – especially if I was pregnant.”

She says she met Wayne in a casino. He was with Manchester Untied captain Rio Ferdinand:

“I was at the bar in the VIP area with another escort girl and they called us over for a chat. We went for a smoke in the toilets with Wayne and his brother and exchanged phone numbers. At that point Wayne didn’t know what sort of work I did.”

Or as the Sunday Mirror reports:

It is understood that Rooney, 24, booked Jennifer from an online agency in Manchester which promises its clients “ultimate discretion” after she was recommended to him by a pal.

Jenny says they kissed. Then the texts began:

It was about 3am when my friend and I left and I started getting texts from Wayne as he was going home. He said, ‘Do you fancy meeting up?’

“I said yes but told him it wouldn’t be for free. He texted back saying, ‘Fine, that’s not a problem.’ Then he asked if my friend would like to join us and she agreed.”

To the Lowry hotel for spot of product placement:

We both wore identical black lacy bra-and-brief sets specially bought from La Senza.

See, Coleen, it’s not just you whose got a keen eye for fashion.

“He didn’t want us to put on a lesbian sex show, he was more into two girls pleasuring him at the same time. But it was all over far too quickly.”

Note: Jenny charges £150 and £200. Small change:

“He was trying to be filthy but he couldn’t quite do it. He’s quite shy. Five minutes after sex he said he wanted a smoke and got the guy from the desk downstairs to go and get them. He paid him £200 or something ridiculous like that for a packet of Marlboro.”

She says he paid her £1,200 for a shag.

“I know a lot of people call him Shrek but he’s actually not that ugly when you’re sat in front of him.”

Or straddling his wallet.

“Wayne was actually quite boring in bed. We always had sex with a condom. I’d stay about 45 minutes with him in his hotel room.”

Perhaps the best bit about the story is when Jenny says she met Wayne in Rio Ferdinand’s Rosso Italian restaurant. Michael Owen looked at him in “disgust”.

Here’s Jenny:


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