Anorak News | Grandma Stabs Granddaughter For Using Bad Language

Grandma Stabs Granddaughter For Using Bad Language

by | 5th, September 2010

GRANDMA of the Day is Parbati Kalicharan, 64, who is accused of stabbing her granddaughter, 12, with a knife in a row over a jigsaw puzzle.

The Dakota Country District Court hears that Kalicharan was cutting peppers in the kitchen. Her granddaughter says “shut up”.

Grandma does not like the language. She takes hold of the box of a puzzle the girl is working on and throws it in the bin. The girl asks for the box back so that she can see the picture and work out the jigsaw.

Grandma rips the box up. Then grandma takes all the puzzle pieces and throws them in the bin, too.

The girl tells grandma that she doesn’t like her. She hides under the kitchen table. Although, she soon emerges to go the fridge.

Kalicharan sees her and chases her behind a couch. The knife is in her hand. The girl is cut inside her ear.

Police arrive and are told that grandma has washed the knife and put it away.

Grandma is jailed. She is now out on bail…

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