Anorak News | In Photos: Christian Dior ‘Racist’ Posters Star Kim Jong-Il (Can You find Him?)

In Photos: Christian Dior ‘Racist’ Posters Star Kim Jong-Il (Can You find Him?)

by | 6th, September 2010

THESE Christian Dior adverts feature a white-faced model stood before a sea of same-faced Chinese. Dior is opening a store in Shanghai and thought it a good idea to use posters featuring white women in top quality merchandise backed by identikit locals in plastic work wear. (And Kim Jong-il.)

The message seems clear: With Dior you drones can look like a Western women.

Photographer Quentin Shih’s pictures are spreading the Christian Dior dream. Some people call it racist. Says he:

“I wanted to show the power of Chinese people standing together and a kind of socialism in Chinese history (only in Chinese history not China now). The Chinese models are not people. They are symbols of Chinese history between the 1960s and 1980s.”

And if they flog schmutters, so much the better. But what we want to know is: where is Mr Kim? These group photos are a mainstay of North Korea under Mr Kim Jong-Il.

So. Flick through the pictures and see if you can spot him. (His clothes are “model’s own”)…

Amazing pictures or Mr Kim at work and play.

Answer on last image.


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