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Andy Coulson: D-Listers, Bad Losers And No Marks Demand To Know Why NoTW Did Not Hack Their Phones

by | 8th, September 2010

ONCE more the Andy Coulson story is front-page news on the covers of the Guardian and Independent.  It leads the BBC’s news. And once more David Cameron’s communications’ man is not on the front page of any other paper.

Unless your phone’s voicemail was hacked by NoTW you might not be all that bothered by the story. You are, perhaps, more interested in what dirt can be dished on those worthy souls deemed important enough to be on the NoTW’s list.

Anorak can exclusively reveal that Paul Sorene was possibly on the list. We spoke with him:

I demand to know if I am on the list. If I was ignored by the NoTW for being a no-mark best ignored by the mainstream media I want them to prove it. I will take this to highest court in the land and write to the press. Heads will roll!

Did they listen into those voicemail messages remind me to pay my phone bill; call mum or tie Prince Harry to a radiator and drink his urine? How can we as a nation rest until the truth is known?

But still the chattering classes are banging on.

Nick Robinson is on the BBC’s Daily Politics saying that the Tories are not clear if Coulson is innocent or if they think he has suffered enough – he stepped down from being editor at the NoTW in reaction to the phone hacking scandal.

This is a nonsense point. The offence was a criminal act, not an internal matter for News International, owners of the NoTW.

The paper’s royal editor, Clive Goodman, was sentenced to four months in prison for intercepting phone messages. Glenn Mulcaire – the private investigator was who jailed for six months for his part in the crime. It is not a matter if Coulson has suffered enough. It is not a matter of opinion. It is a matter of whether justice was done to the letter of the law.

The facts are that Andy Coulson has been convicted of no crime and there is no new evidence to prove he knew of the phone hacking.

James McIntyre writes in the New Statesman of Nick Clegg:

He brushed aside a reference to the Environment Secretary Chris Huhne, who said before the coalition was formed that “a future prime minister cannot have someone who is involved in these sort of underhand tactics”. And in a surprisingly bullish flourish, he said he would not “take lessons” from the party — Labour — ofDamian McBride.

All good debating tactics. But there is a catch: McBride (rightly) resigned.

Yes, James, there is a catch – Damien “I wasn’t lying on purpose” McBride, was found to be guilty of trying to smear the Tories with lies, such as that George Osborne took drugs and had sex with a prostitute and that his wife was mentally ill.

The Coulson story is stagnant. It will only move when evidence is found or the Telegraph asks for an inquiry. And right now there is no chance of either…

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