Anorak News | Wayne Rooney’s Sex Life: After Jennifer Thompson And Helen Wood Meet Samii Darnley

Wayne Rooney’s Sex Life: After Jennifer Thompson And Helen Wood Meet Samii Darnley

by | 15th, September 2010

WAYNE Rooney sex fans, meet Samii Darnley. She’s the 20-year-old, dyed-blonde glamour model on the front page of the Sun. Samii is billed as a friend of Jennifer Thompson, the middle-class gel who claims she broke Rooney’s prostitute drought along with one Helen Wood.

Samii is said to have encountered Rooney at a bash full of Manchester United players last Christmas.

The action returns to Rio Ferdinand’s Manchester restaurant Rosso, where Thompson says she serviced Rooney in the lower levels. Wives and girlfriends were, reportedly, uninvited to the do.

Samii, from Preston, is not talking. But a “pal” is:

“She is a stunning girl and he obviously wanted her. He leaned in and whispered in her ear. He was so close she could feel his stubble on her cheek. He was trying it on and making it clear in no uncertain terms he was interested in her.”

No, the cheek on her face, allegedly.

“He clearly fancied her and wanted to take things further. But she said he was married and she wouldn’t do that to Coleen. The girls at the do had a great time but Rooney was a bit of a pain because he was on the prowl.”

And so Samii Darnley’s name is added to those of Sarah Tetteh and Rebecca Hayes on a list of women who did not shag Wayne Rooney.


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jennifer thompson

It’s getting to be like the Andy Coulson story, in which everyone wants to think they were on the NoTW’s list of people deemed important enough to have their phones hacked.

Any budding mo-del who wants to say that they did not shag Wayne can contact any tabloid when they are ready.

More tabloid sensation to follow…

The women – alleged

Gina McCarrick

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In a Sunday Mirror exclusive, 37-year-old brunette Gina McCarrick, dressed in her favoured cowgirl outfit, said: 'Wayne didn't turn me on at all. He was ugly. He had a face like a smacked arse.' Rooney later confessed to having visted the den around 10 times.

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