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Gang Yoga Is The Latest Fad – Bring Your Own Weed

by | 10th, September 2010

ANYONE for Ganga Yoga? It’s all the rage in Toronto. David Silverberg goes to a meet and listens in as the enthusiasts talk about weed, conspiracy theories, weed, if the downward dog gives you a head rush and weed.

To one side of the 12-stong group, a “guitarist strums chords as incense weaves its tendrils across the room”.

It’s the latest yoga fad – although to the upper-middle classes this might appear to be an afternoon at Tamara’s house on any given day since 1958.

The leading light of the group is Dee Dussauly. Says she:

“When you’re high, you can focus better on your breath.”

Yes, readers, you need to find time to contemplate the wonder of your breathing. And with ganga yoga you can see your breathing, it being illuminated by smoke. Get a load of that jet of hazy air – your jet of hazy air – as it floats about your navel.

If you want to experience yoga while stoned you can get along to the Hot Box Café in Toronto’s Kensington Market on the last Friday of the month. Classes cost $15 for each session – and munchies (fruits, nuts, tea) and included.

It sounds good until you learn that you have to supply your own weed.

Might be best to stick to your usual routine of getting stoned and then bending your body into interesting shapes as you ride a bus during rush hour, or falling asleep on t the sofa in the “TV Gouch Position” – if you can be bothered…

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