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Wayne Rooney And Coleen Stop Boasting About Their Wonderful Lives To Ask For Privacy

by | 11th, September 2010

WAYNE Rooney and Coleen Rooney, currently embroiled in claims that the Manchester United ace has shagged Jennifer Thompson and Helen Wood (NSFW photos), have issued a joint statement in which they say the “last six days have been extremely painful for us and for our families“.

They then blame the media for adding to their pain:

“It is impossible for us, as it would be for any family, to attempt to resolve any issues in the current media glare and against the backdrop of so many inaccurate and intrusive stories.

“We would therefore ask that the media now respects our privacy and the right of our family to discuss these matters in private.”

Privacy? This would be the same Rooney family who appear on the cover of Hello! for Coleen to tell us in June 2010:

“I like surprises and sometimes Wayne will spring things on me, like he’ll say: ‘Come on, let’s got out for dinner – go and get ready’”

Chances are that Coleen does not like all surprises – just the good ones.

In other private moments:

* We’ve seen Wayne take a piss.

* Coleen has shown off six-bedroom home in Barbados in a Hello! boast card:

“People often come up and say, ‘You’re just so normal’.”

* Coleen has told us that baby Kai is “not a crier

* Coleen has told us that she walks on a gym machines

“You should let babies be babies and just put them in babygros.”

* Coleen told us: “I actually need to start going again because my wardrobe’s getting a bit empty.”


“I do have quite a big wardrobe”

* Wayne told us that he likes to read Harry Potter books

* Coleen has told us about her shopping habits:

“If I really like something I will buy it.”

* Coleen has been apparently airbrushed to flog her perfume

* Coleen has invited Hello! readers to her 21st birthday party

* Coleen has “Porridge with soya milk and fresh raspberries for breakfast

So. Having traded on the image of a wonderful life the call is now for privacy…

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Gina McCarrick

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In a Sunday Mirror exclusive, 37-year-old brunette Gina McCarrick, dressed in her favoured cowgirl outfit, said: 'Wayne didn't turn me on at all. He was ugly. He had a face like a smacked arse.' Rooney later confessed to having visted the den around 10 times.

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