Anorak News | Terry Jones’ Comedy Koran Burning Is Hot News From Florida To Accrington

Terry Jones’ Comedy Koran Burning Is Hot News From Florida To Accrington

by | 11th, September 2010

D-LIST celebrity vicar Terry Jones, star of the reality TV show – I Will Burn The Koran Unless… keeps getting funnier. The entire non-event organised by Jones of the – get this – Dove World Outreach Center is now beyond parody

It’s 9/11. And the memorial day to the thousands of lives lost and ruined by 9/11 is couched in the Sky News headline:

9/11 Remembered Amid Koran Burning Row

No, not 9/11 Remembered Amid War In Afghanistan.

The possible burning of a book in a televised spectacular is bigger than war. International Burn a Koran Day is huge.

Jones says he won’t burn the Koran if Feisal Abdul Rauf calls off plans to build an Islamic cultural centre near Ground Zero.

Mr Rauf issues a statement:

“I am prepared to consider meeting with anyone who is seriously committed to pursuing peace… We have no such meeting planned at this time.”

A Mr Ka Paul then appears, a man billed as a “cleric experienced in conflict resolution”. To resolve a conflict he, er, issues a threat to Imam Rauf:

“Call in two hours or Pastor Jones would be forced to consider his options.”

The deadline passed. Rauf never called. Jones continued to do nothing.

Then Barack Obama, a man who you might suppose was busy, what with a big war going on, tells everyone that he is aware of Terry Jones:

“I will do everything I can, as long as I am president of the United States, to remind the American people that we are one nation under God. We may call that God different names but we are one nation.”

Jones then fails to ask Obama to wear his birth certificate on his head and get baptised for the cameras – but he might. He has “options”.

Meanwhile, over in Accrington,. Lancashire, more than 500 protesters are massed to condemn Pastor Jones’ possible burning of book in a field in provincial Florida.

The protest, at the Raza Jamia Masjid, Grimshaw Street, was attended by crowds of supporters… Sarfraz Shah, from the mosque, said: “A threat to burn copies of the Koran is the be all and end all of insults…

“The Koran burning is now on hold but we have to speak out to show that we will not accept this appalling attack.”

What attack? One man pauses for a moment:

Ibrahim Master, from the Lancashire Council of Mosques, said: “There has been a lot of upset in the community because of this man and his highly disrespectful actions. But we have to put it in context. He was just one lunatic trying to get a little attention.”

Job done.

Update: A man in Wyoming says he will  burn the Koran there, as will the good folks at the Westboro Baptist Church.

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