Anorak News | Gareth Williams Was ‘Murdered’ Against His ‘Will’, Experts Say

Gareth Williams Was ‘Murdered’ Against His ‘Will’, Experts Say

by | 13th, September 2010

GARETH Williams’ death continues to be the subject of much media speculation.

The Mirror says he was “murdered”. But there is no murder enquiry. Yesterday, the Mail said Williams had climbed into his bag and killed himself in a sex game, maybe.

Earlier the Mail had reported that the body was submerged in “fluid”.

But the disclosure that he was also covered by liquid – not thought to be blood or water – has raised fears that a substance was used to accelerate decay and complicate toxicology tests.

That report served up the line:

“‘He was involved in some very sensitive projects, known as ‘codeword protected,’ said a security expert.

Might “codeword protected” be what is say on the file this unnamed expect can’t access?

Our round-up of news ends with the words of Jon Clements, who in a Daily Mirror “exclusive” says:

“The MI6 spy found murdered in his flat may have died after being forced into his sports bag against his will.”

And as he was being forced into the bag against his will he might have been already dead, “possibly poisoned with a rare toxin”.

Does a dead body have will? And can you be forced to do something you want to do?


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