Anorak News | Jim Rosenthal Loses Case Against Heston Blumenthal’s Sickly Oyster

Jim Rosenthal Loses Case Against Heston Blumenthal’s Sickly Oyster

by | 14th, September 2010

TO Oxford Count Court, where TV sports presenter Jim Rosenthal was pursuing a civil action against chef Heston Blumenthal after he got food poisoning at the TV chef’s Fat Duck restaurant last year.

Rosenthal and his guests became ill after eating jelly oysters served as part of a food and wine-tasting evening at the “prestigious” restaurant. Rosenthal and his wife, boxing promoter Frank Warren and three other guests lashed out £1,346.33 on a “gastronomic evening” in February 2009. In all 529 diners thought Blumenthal’s dinners so good they tasted them again on the way up.

District Judge Tim Parker tossed out the case. Rosenthal lost. The sports presenter and his dinner companions had already received £6,000 compensation for pain suffered in the wake of the meal.

Rosenthal is as sick as a parrot – or as a Blumenthal oyster.

Said the chef before the case:

I felt desperately sorry for all the people who suffered. My instincts were to contact everyone personally and apologise but I was advised against this by my lawyers, insurers and official bodies conducting investigations. It was extremely frustrating, but my hands were tied.

“The insurance company just put a big veil over everything. I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under my feet. The Fat Duck is more than just a business or a restaurant to me. It’s my life, a labour of love. The hardest part was feeling completely and helpless.”

Yep, it’s hard to say sorry in person when you’re trying to save your reputation.

But better than Heston’s comments is the picture of Rosenthal, who carried into court a small, plastic-looking sports bag as used by 1970s magic sponge workers. Unless it’s a sick bag..

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