Anorak News | Bahrain Beat ‘Fake’ Togo Team 3-0 – Togo No Record Of Match

Bahrain Beat ‘Fake’ Togo Team 3-0 – Togo No Record Of Match

by | 14th, September 2010

WHEN Togo played Bahrain on September 7th, the Bahrainis thought it was the Togolese national soccer team. The hosts won 3-0.

Only some of those Togo players looks less than great. And the story get about that they are a fake team. Calls go out and Togo’s soccer federation says the team that played is bogus.

Togo’s sport minister, Christophe Tchao, tells the Jeune Afrique magazine that nobody in Togo had “ever been informed of such a game“.

A spokesman for the Bahrain Football Association (BFA) adds:

“Everything seemed to be in order until after the game, when we began to hear that some people are wondering about these players and this Togo team. We ourselves were surprised when we heard this…

“For this game with Togo, as per all the letters and paperwork we received, along with the players’ passports, etc, they were all official documents from Togo’s football federation.”

The spokesman says the match was arranged through an “agent” who has always been 100% OK.

While they look for him, Scotland supporters wondering what happened to their once competitive side are taking hope that the last decades have all been a misunderstanding…

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