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George Michael Attacked In Jail By Singing Peadophiles: Photos

by | 16th, September 2010

GEORGE Michael is in jail. And having lashed him with a dose of homophobia, the Sun now leads with the headline: “GEORGE SOBS ON PAEDO WING” The signers is staying on Pentonville prison’s Vulnerable Prisoners Unit.

It’s petty standard procedure to put a new inmate on a wing where he can be closely monitored. But to the Sun this is the place wher paedophiles are caged. Tom well then delivers the line:

Michael was offered the opportunity to mingle on the wing with his grisly fellow inmates.

In the Mirror Derek McGovern suggests “Greek soap-dropper George Michael” will save his mingling until shower time. That will when the star washes with the paedos, right, readers?  As for those grisly inmates, well…

In the most harrowing 12 minutes of his first full day, Michael – aka prisoner A8365AW – was escorted to the shower block to the relentless chants of “Guilty George has got no Freedom”.

Not a bit of it. The most harrowing part of Michael’s days would have been reading an open letter from Tony Parsons:

Dear George… Jail will be a wake up call for you – and we both know you have been sleepwalking for years. In the leafy little corner of North London where we both live, your drug-addled behaviour has long been a bit of a joke.

It’s Me And George. Can Parsons be arrested and locked up for muscling in on the story?

I struggle to recognise you as the decent, good -humoured, fresh-faced kid I first met more than 25 years ago. Time changes us all, of course – but that teenage boy in Wham! would have been sickened at the podgy, fog-eyed old wreck that you have become. Come in, George Michael – your time is up.

The tabloids are going to town. Over in the Sun, readers see a mock up of Michael’s prison cells, because they are unable to imagine what one might look like. But it turns out that it’s just another chance to take the piss out of Michael’s sexuality.

He is watching Louis Spence on the telly. Spence is TV’s latest tame camp gay. Michael says he watches daytime telly and soaps. But he is gay and that means he must watch gay people, just as straight people only watch straight people, lesbians only watch lesbians and adolescent boys tune into Countdown.

In four weeks time, Michael will be out of jail and the same papers that attack him will want his story. If he has any dignity left, he should ignore them…


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