Anorak News | Sweden Names Mountains In Tribute To Nazis And Killing Jews

Sweden Names Mountains In Tribute To Nazis And Killing Jews

by | 16th, September 2010

CLIMBERS in Sweden’s Jarfalla mountain range have been abiding by the local custom that says the first person to reach the top gets to name the peak and makes the route available to others. You can now climb up to reach Kristllnacht and Himmler, taking care to go through the passes marked Crematorium, Swastika, Little Hitler and, most bracingly, Zyklon B.

Not everyone enjoys the fun of the Third Reich.

Climber Cordelia Hess tells Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter:

“I thought it ather unpleasant to climb through the Crematorium or say that ‘now I am going to do Crystal Night. The use of such names on the climbing routes is to trivialize the Holocaust and undermine respect for the Holocaust.”

Another climber, a Mikael Widerberg (Little Hitler was his), says its’ an “internal thing between climbers” and there are other mountains around called worse things.”

Christofer Urby, of the Swedish Climbing Association, adds:

“Under Swedish law a climber can name a route anything they wish.”

Such is the way of Swden, a land discovered in 1765 by a fruit and veg tycoon Col. E. Flower…

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