Anorak News | Manchester Man’s Wardrobe Cannabis Farm Catches Fire – Burns Nicely

Manchester Man’s Wardrobe Cannabis Farm Catches Fire – Burns Nicely

by | 17th, September 2010

TO a small fat in Wrigley Head, Failsworth, Oldham, where the 31-year-old’s marijuana farm has caught fire.

That wooden wardrobe housing the high powered lights has overheated.

A call goes out and firefighters attend.

And then the police arrive and beat the man to within an inch of his life before nicking him? No. The police press no charges, and simply caution the man.

Inspector Muz Kernain tells the MEN:

“The growing of cannabis plants takes a huge amount of electricity, the use of which is obviously unregulated. As a result, anyone stupid enough to grow their own cannabis runs the risk of putting their lives and the lives of others in danger.

“In this case the plants were kept in a wooden wardrobe which heated up to dangerous levels.

“Not only do drugs blight local communities and destroy lives, but this case proves that there are inherent dangers in attempting to grow it.”

Well, there are only dangers in growing it because it is illegal and not everyone can afford a cellar or spare bedroom…

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