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In Pictures: Vain Bethany Storro’s Racist Acid Attack

by | 17th, September 2010

WHEN Bethany Storro told the world that she had been attacked by a black woman, who asked her if she wanted a drink and then tossed a cup of acid in her face, the media went nuts.

For added spice Storro said her attacker her used this line, which contains a gem of praise to make the story yet more tragic:

“Hey pretty girl, do you want to drink this?”

Pretty girl. Or pretty white girl? Storro didn’t say “white”. But people still heard it.

Remember Ashley Todd, the white female John McCain supporter who said she had been attacked by a black man who had left the imprint of “B” (for Barack Obama ) on her face? It was a lie.

Will the media be a little more circumspect this time round? No. The Mail even spotted witnesses:

Eyewitnesses say she was wearing a green shirt and khaki pants at the time of attack. Her hair is described as either in a ponytail or slicked back.

Storro appealed:

“Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers,” Storro said in a written statement Tuesday. “I appreciate all of the well wishes being sent my way. I do ask, if anyone should know the woman who assaulted me, please contact the Vancouver Police.”

Comments came in:

My wife is in vancouver today and you bet I’m telling her to look at for some crazy black chick that wants to throw acid in your face. It could really help to save someone in the future from experiencing what this poor lady had to go through. Even if it’s just the color of their skin, it’s a very important fact.

Oprah Winfrey called.

It was a lie. She did it to herself. David Schmader speaks for many:

But fuck her for trying to pin this on the all-purpose African-American suspect.

Image above: the wanted woman. Photos of the ‘victim’:


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