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When The Pope Met Tony Blair: Photos

by | 18th, September 2010

WHEN Tony Blair met the Pope. Nope. Scratch that. When the Pope met Tony Blair (better), the celebrity politician and modern day Cardinal Newbold, we looked on.

Much has been made of the Pope’s comments on Nazism. And good on him for trying to move away from those shameful and embarrassing links to the Catholic Church by bigging up his other history. But the big story of the day are the Pope’s words on celebrity culture:

We live in a celebrity culture and young people are often encouraged to model themselves on figures from the world of sport or entertainment… It might make us famous but it will not make us happy.”

And with that Michael McManus (Pop Idol winner) and Susan Boyle (Hair Angel) sang.

Time, then, to look at our photos of Tony and the Pope. One of them has been on a righteous Journey. One of them has been rewriting his past. Spot the difference…


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Former British Prime Ministers Tony Blair (right) and Gordon Brown await the arrival of Pope Benedict XVI in Westminster Hall, London on the second day of his State Visit.

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