Anorak News | Dr Alinson Branded Patient’s Uterus In ‘Friendly Gesture’

Dr Alinson Branded Patient’s Uterus In ‘Friendly Gesture’

by | 18th, September 2010

DR. Red Alinsod, 50, removed Ingrid Paulicivic, 47, uterus and then branded it with a cauterising tool. The uterus carried the legend “Ingrid”,

The operation was performed in June 2009 at Alinsod’s Orange County office.

Before the court case, can we just pause and wonder about the use of branded organs? “Ingrid” the uterus has not be housed in another body, but “Danny” the dead skateboarder’s kidney might be, so too “Steve’s” eyeballs and “Grace’s” lungs. And then what of celebrity organs? What price – but let’s not wish death on them – Anthea Turner’s hair; Noel Edmond’s buttocks; Tony Blair’s heart..?

In the lawsuit, Paulicivic alleges that the branding was done for “no medically necessary purpose or reason” and that she somehow suffered burns on her legs while the uterus was being marked, according to her complaint.

In an interview, Paulicivic’s lawyer, Devan Mullins, called the branding “inexcusably bizarre behavior”, adding that the 50-year-old Alinsod was “fooling around and having fun.

Alinsod says he wrote Paulicivic’s name on the uterus because he “did not want to get it confused with others.” It is not standard procedure. Alinsod calls the branding a “gesture of friendship”.

Paulicivic’s lawsuit, which includes her husband as a plaintiff, does not specify monetary damages. Along with accusing Alinsod of medical negligence, the complaint charges the doctor with battery and contends that Joe Paulicivic has been “permanently injured and damaged” due to the resulting loss of consortium with his wife.

The case continues. And a market in off-cuts begins. Celebs and their relatives looking to cash in on their fame should send organ to the usual address.

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