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Rebecca Ferguson Is This Week’s X Factor Victim

by | 19th, September 2010

TIME to meet his week’s X Factor heroine Rebecca Ferguson, who has beaten the bullies to become the latest singing sensation to perform at Simon Cowell’ school of karaoke.

The Star has a few words with Ferguson, but only after she’s been introduced by James Ingham. She is a “talented single mum-of-two” who “grew up on a poor council estate” and is “mixed-race”.

The Daily Mail should hate her. But she’s pretty and from Liverpool, where the Sun doesn’t sell and the Star can be the number one paper. So here’s Ferguson:

“I was bullied as a kid because my family were poor and I never had the right clothes or toys…

“I used to walk home from school crying because of all the bullying. But through everything singing was my only escape.”

How poor were you, Rebecca?

“I really struggled after not getting through to The X Factor in the past. But my family all saved up and chipped in for me to fly to New York for five days to audition for P Diddy’s Star. It cost about £1,500 in total. Which to me and my family is a huge amount of money. Unfortunately, I didn’t get through that audition either.”

Twice before Rebecca had tried to win the X Factor and twice she’s failed.

Is this why Simon Cowell says he may walk away from the X Factor and focus on the show in the US, because every wannabe singer in the country has already tried out for the show? It’s not only the music and the judges’ comments that are on loop (“I love yer energy”) but the contestants, too.

It’s time for a talent moratorium, to allow the stocks to grow, for bullies to make new targets. It’s time for New Faces…

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