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Jim Rosenthal V Heston Blumenthal – Game On

by | 19th, September 2010

WHEN Jim Rosenthal took Heston Blumenthal to court we perked up. Blumenthal V Rosenthal sounded like a decent bout in which unlikely celebrity pairings would fight to the death, or failing that a fair and just settlement in court.

Television presenter Jim Rosenthal puked up after a meal at Heston Blumenthal’s three-Michelin-starred Fat Duck restaurant – around 500 diners were poisoned – and wanted damages.

Hey, if you can’t trust a tyre company to point you towards good food, who can you trust?

Rosenthal lost the case. The judge says the compensation already paid was enough. But Rosenthal is less than satisfied. Rosenthal and his wife Chrissy each received £1,500 compensation for the unwanted afters and wanted a full refund of the £1,300 bill. They continue to pursue the legal action.

Get a load of his wife Chrissy, “who can no longer wear her wedding ring.” The poisoning hurt her bad.

A picture is painted. Says she:

“I crawled to the bathroom and stayed there for 48 hours. I was clammy, cold and very sick.”

Says she:

“Driving home, I had to keep stopping at motorway service stations so I wouldn’t vomit out of the car window while driving.”

Says she:

“But when we asked for our money back and were told no, Jim decided to take the matter further – to claim for what we had eaten but, as it turned out, not kept down.”

Maybe if they’d have vomited into the restaurant kitchens a returns policy could have been enacted and the refund theirs?

A Fat Duck spokesman says it had apologised to Mr Rosenthal and he had also received compensation.

The case continues…

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