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Why Were Police So Keen To Kill London Barrister Mark Saunders?

by | 20th, September 2010

THE inquest into the death of Mark Saunders, 32, killed by a police marksmen, is underway. On May 6, 2008, Saunders fired a shotgun blast from the window of his Chelsea home in Markham Square.

Police rushed to the scene. The siege lasted five hours before Saunders was shot and killed. He was stuck by at least five bullets. Seven officers fired 11 bullets. Mr Saunders was hit in the head, heart, liver and lower body.

Police fired the first shot at 5.04pm. The second shot was fired at 9.09pm. The area was sealed. A police helicopter flew overhead. Mr Saunders was armed. But how dangerous was he to the pubic at large?

The question is: was his death lawful?

During the stand-off, Saunders texted Alex Booth, the best man at his wedding two years earlier. The texts went:

First text: A blank message
Second text: “This is the end my only friend, the end. X”
Third text message: “Call me now.”

Mr Booth acknowledges that message two was a reference to The Doors song used in the soundtrack of Apocalypse Now.

Mr Saunders had issues with drink. He had used cocaine. He had been prescribed anti-depressants.

All relevant? What about news that Mr Saunders had been teetotal in the last two months before he was shot?


Questioned by her barrister Patrick Gibbs QC, Mrs Saunders said a senior officer had told her to switch her mobile phone off while they were negotiating with her husband. It was only later she found out that he had repeatedly asked to speak to her before police opened fire.

He texted her. The message was blank. But her phone had been turned off. Police had told her to turn it off.

Mrs Saunders says:

“That would have been the only time in our relationship that he sent me a text message and he did not get an immediate call from me saying ‘Darling, I am here’.

His wife, Mrs Elizabeth Saunders says her husband was a “very sensitive and caring man” with “huge energy and love for life”.

The officers are ruled to have pulled the triggers in self defence. None will be prosecuted.

More to follow…


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Charlotte Saunders, sister of Mark Saunders, arrives at Westminster Coroner's Court for the inquest into the death of her brother who was killed by at least five bullets fired by marksmen who surrounded his London home.

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