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New York Opossum Plague Solved By Lions And Kiwis

by | 23rd, September 2010

ONE IDEA of what to do with the opossums running riot in New York City if to toss them – like the Kiwis do.

Possums were introduced in NYC to attack the plague of rats. But now the opossum are mighty in number and the next move is to introduce something that eats them, like the Polynesian people of Rapa Nui (Green Card permitting) or lions.

The critters have a mouth full of 50 sharp teeth, tend to exude a foul odor, and can occasionally contract rabies… They are nocturnal, and some Brooklynites have become terrified to go into their yards at night.”

Terrific Brooklynites might not fancy grabbing an opossum, but those in Queens may be more hardened.

The opossum tossing is being trialled in New Zealand. At Colyton School pupils have been tossing the opossum, the possum’s cousin, for sport. Admittedly, the possum is ready dead. But if it the carcass can lure out the rats for the  wolves to slaughter, It’s win-win!

Spotter: Ann Althouse

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