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Muslims Banned From Burnley College – Well, If It Get Comments

by | 24th, September 2010

THE Lancashire Telegraph is at it again – trying to stir up a bit of excitement with some It’s Those Muslims Again… news, writes Karen.

The story goes that Burnley College has put up a notice in the reception area stating that any item covering face must be removed before entering the campus – veils, helmets, scarves, masks and mud creams must all be removed.

There are already 25 comments and I’m sure it will be in the top 10 soon.
I think some of the commenters copy and paste the same old rubbish every time there’s a story like this.

There is so much rubbish to read through, the same old arguments that it’s making me nod off. The LT knew exactly what they were doing and it hasn’t gone unnoticed that an Asian reporter wrote it.

Here’s a small selection:

timeforcommonsense, Clayton_le_moors says…

The wearing of such clothing has only become prolific since we chose to meddle in someone else war. It is nothing more than a two fingers to our country and it’s indigenous population. There is no place for it in this country. After seeing two terrorists escape the country desguised in such a way and various robbers using such a mask to hide their identity during their crime it is time everybody grew a spine and said enough is enough, ban the burkha. As for Abdul Hamid Qureshi, who is still involved in community cohesion. How does hiding behind a mask promote cohesion. It’s simple if you don’t like it there are plenty of muslim countries that will allow you to do everything you want to including hiding your identity.

Chris P Bacon, Colne says…

Is it just me or does anyone else feel the same as I do whenever you see someone in a burka? It makes me **** myself laughing that such stupid people would willingly dress like that. They deserve our scorn and contempt. They look ridiculous. Stupidly ridiculous.

abdul786 wrote:
Its sad both Burnley college and have got some serious issues when dealing with ethnic minority pupils and staff, I woulb be interested in knowing how many asian staff are there at this college also we need to look at other colleges in the area as well and if Asians are not given equal rights then we should send the pupils elsewhere. I am not surprised that an Islamic College has opened in Burnley to meet the needs of Muslim pupils.

five, burnley says…
12:58pm Thu 23 Sep 10
You and the rest of your clan are no longer welcome in the UK.
Go home England maybe your birth place but England is not your home.

bikerjohn_uk, Burnley says…

LT haven’t exactly helped themselves with their choice of journalist to cover the story. But wake up pal, you’re obviously one of the deluded liberals who is floundering under the day dream that is multiculturalism. As long as there are different cultures, we will NEVER see eye to eye and communities will never integrate – mainly because they don’t want to integrate.

abdullah, blackburn says…

No bikerjohn the journalist covering this story does not wear a burka,does that mean mean she is integrated,do you accept her as youre fellow British compatriot.What it does highlight is that some muslim women dont cover their heads with scarves,some do and some wear a burkha,just shows they are members of the same faith who conduct themselves differently.The only ones who dont want to integrate is the fringe idiots in the Asian community and the right wing ignorant racists who have re-branded themselves as Islamaphobes. Multiculturalism is alive and well,in fact its thriving.This is shown by the investments from abroad into this country.Look at the city you will have a multicultural workforce.Look at Rovers they might have a Indian owner.The richest person in UK yes he is Indian.The owners of Man u,Liverpool are Americans.Thinking like little islanders will get you nowhere.You can do nothing but moan about everything around you.Get off youre backsides and instead of moaning do something positive

lancastrian lass wrote: bikerjohn…if an asian family move next door to you will your house go up for sale? And if it does, is it you who doesn’t want to integrate or “them”???

bikerjohn_uk wrote:
As the house next door to me is four miles away, I don’t give a flying monkey butt who moves in to it. But I maintain that anyone who comes to the United Kingdom should integrate with those already here, not the other way about; anyone is welcome to the UK provided that they are prepared to live as British citizens, which means abiding by British law. As an immigrant, if you don’t like it, you are also entitled to that other great British right – the right to leave.

brfcianbrfc, blackburn says…

I would move if an asian family moved next door. The whole area would soon be asain. If you stay your house price would drop and the area would soon become a litter bin as we can see when we drive round these areas now.
When you eventually decide to sell the mosque will have fixed a price and you will just have to take the money and run. That unfortunatly is white flight.

Padiham_Teacher wrote:
Congratulations LET, once again you have fueled the fires of East Lancs racial tension. I hope you’re really proud of yourselves.
The postings on this thread range from vaguely interesting to downright disgusting. I sincerely hope that the next generation of young people in this area don’t grow up to be as bigoted as their parents. Only then do we have a chance of living in a more tolerant society.

This is not a race issue but as usual, the BNP and their sympathisers have managed to twist the subject to fit their disgusting political beliefs. The shocking part is that effectively, the ‘impartial’ press has helped them.
Well done!!!

icannotrace, says...

My thoughts exactly. Surely the LET realise by now that this sort of story stirs up all the usual posters with all the usual posts.

I can just imaging in the LET offices. “Hey I’ve got a good story let’s publish it and take bets on how many posts it will receive in the first hour”

And then do some fact checking, maybe. Another inaccuracy in the report is:

“It is the only college in the area to bring in the move with Blackburn College, St. Mary’s College and Accrington and Rossendale College having no such ban.”

I was at an opening evening at St. Mary’s last night and the invitation letter mentioned that you should check the dress code before attending, which means it also applies to visitors. Here’s the first rule:

Faces must not be obscured in any way by hats, motorcycle helmets, hoods, veils or any other items because staff may not be able to judge engagement with learning and the degree of understanding. Facial coverings could also hamper involvement in discussion groups, practical work and communication with other members of the College.”

There are loads of stories about this today and the reported reaction ranges from criticism to fury with a bit of outrage in between.

More It’s Those Muslims Again… stories to follow…

Image: via Tim Blair

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