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Gareth Williams: The Swarthy Suspects, Murder And Sex Smears

by | 25th, September 2010

GARETH Williams did not die alone. The MI6 man smeared in the media and by the police was padlocked in a red North face holdall by someone else. Yes, readers, it was not suicide, maybe. Although the Mail did once ask:

Did dead MI6 spy zip HIMSELF into sports bag..?

Scotland Yard is treating his death as “unexplained“. That means there is no murder case.

Yesterday Dr Williams was buried at the Bethel Chapel, Holyhead in Anglesey. But he will not rest in peace because the smears go on.

Anorak wonders if spooks (surely heroes fighting the war on terror?) sign a release that says that should they die in the line of duty their reputation will be sullied to divert attention away from the truth and onto salacious rumours of sex and drugs?

The top search result for Gareth Williams on Google is:

Murdered spook Gareth Williams was a cross dresser | The Sun |News

That story was based on police allegedly finding a dress in Williams’ flat that could have fitted him. He was not 6ft 4 and hairy but 5’7 and slight. Finding a dress to fit him might not have been tricky. And this is from the Sun, the tabloid that praises our Brave Boys fighting the war on terror – unless they are working for MI6 and possibly gay in which case they are fair game to be attacked in print.

Sir John Sawers said the maths genius had helped save lives. After the service in Holyhead, Anglesey, he said: “Gareth did very valuable work in the cause of national security. I wanted to be here as the only public face of the Secret Intelligence Service, to give support and offer sympathy to the family.”

The Mail reports:

The MI6 spy whose naked body was found in a sports bag in his bath could not have died alone, police believe. They are now certain he was padlocked into the large holdall by someone else.

Believe?  Certain?

The Telegraph tells its readers:

Having ruled out almost every other possibility, officers have come round to the view that Gareth Williams probably died after climbing into the bag which was then locked by another person.

Ruled out murder? Ruled out the Russians?

It is unclear whether he did so on instructions from the other person or was locked in at his own request, but detectives believe that he was probably involved in some sado-masochistic game in which he got a kick from being helpless.

The kinky so-and-so. Only:

Detectives from Scotland Yard’s Homicide Task Force investigating the case say they did not find any other signs of a sexual fetish at Mr Williams’s flat, although investigations continue into his internet and telephone use.

Any suspects? The Mail says:

But in another mysterious twist, the Mail can reveal that the outer door to Mr Williams’s flat in Pimlico, Central London, had apparently been locked from the outside when police arrived on the scene.

Detectives have now intensified their search for a Mediterranean couple known to have been with Mr Williams in the weeks before his death. They are understood to have had a set of keys to the flat.

Yep. A man has died. His body was found in locked bag in the bath and covered in a fluid. And only now are the police looking for a couple who had a key to his flat?

This story could run for some time…


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