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Natasha Gregory You Legend: Woman Who Dyed Cat Pink On Facebook Found

by | 27th, September 2010

THE woman who died a cat pink is Natasha Gregory. The 22-year-old from Swindon dyed Oi! Kitty’s white hair to a light pink.

She is the Mail’s “Yobs leave animal so bright it glows in the dark”.

Animal cruelty is big news, an easy button for a tabloid to press and get a reaction from readers.

The Mail did its best to make the pink cat seem cruel and awful. Yobs had done it.

The RSPCA investigated. And Miss Gregory appeared. she had put a photo of her missing cat on Facebook. Says she:

“It’s my favourite colour, I just love it. I’ve dyed my own hair pink and I adore wearing pink clothes. Turning Oi! Kitty pink just seemed like a good idea.”

Gregory used non-toxic vegetable dye, and took care not to place it around the cat’s nose and eyes.

Still the Mail is committed to its yob angle and tells readers that Miss Gregory is “unemployed”.

So. The story is that Miss Gregory lost the cat she loves. And a vet took it in. But lest you think this is all a non story, the Mail calls Claire Guest, an animal behavioural expert:

“My feeling would be that if she was a very bright colour other animals might react to her differently because anything based on red is an alarm colour in nature.”

Birds might be worried. Mice might be afraid. Dogs might laugh. And cats? Well, the vet who took Oi! Kitty in says:

“Surprisingly other cats do not seem to have noticed her unusual hairdo.”

The Mail’s expert ploughs on:

“The saying ‘red rag to a bull’ is real stuff. Horses, dogs and bulls see red more strongly, especially moving reds. They see it and start to get agitated – it is a warning colour for them.”

Bull? Seems an apt choice of animal for the Mail…

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