Anorak News | The M25 Is Cursed By Dark Forces: The Junction 9, Surrey, Pray Vigil Is Open

The M25 Is Cursed By Dark Forces: The Junction 9, Surrey, Pray Vigil Is Open

by | 28th, September 2010

TO Junction nine of the M25 with Gerald Coates, of the Pioneer Engage Church in Epsom Road, Leatherhead, to investigate whether the place is cursed. This is the Road To Hell.

Are persons “motivated by dark forces” recording messages of evil onto cassette tapes and then placing the reel around targets?

Coates, of Effingham, has done his research. He has found tape reels in the roundabouts that lead onto junction 9 of the M25.

Coates says there have been a “wholly disproportionate” number of crashes on the Leatherhead section of the motorway. And poepls have bene jumping form bridges.

“One man said he had seen this black apparition standing over the M25 and it was that which caused a crash. I think people could be cursing it. One thing that people who are involved in the occult do, these people who are motivated by dark forces, is make recording on cassette tapes and then pull them out and put them around the area they have cursed. I have been finding huge amounts of this stuff in the area, including around the roundabout that leads onto the motorway.”

The place must be purged. And so to the Kingston Road bridge over the road to pray for the drivers. Says Coates:

We are going to be monitoring the number of crashes carefully now. I do believe we will see far fewer incidents, but if the trend is not reversed then we will return for another vigil in mid-December.”

Who needs speed cameras, eh..?

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