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But, John, Aren’t We All Scientologists Now?

by | 29th, September 2010

ISN’T John Sweeney a poppet? I just loved his BBC1 Panorama documentary The Secrets of Scientology last night. Gamely, he used his sensational screaming ab-dabs rant from his last TV visit to the Church as evidence of how it had successfully riled him. That’s what Scientologists are good at apparently: making you mad so they can re-make you.

Well, try and re-make Madame Arcati. Yeah, go on, try. Fuck you bitches!

Yet Mr Sweeney did not entirely persuade me that Scientology is that much more worrying than your average 21st Century employer. After all, aren’t wage slaves these days required to demonstrate a quasi-religious fervour for their job that is not unlike cultish faith? Aren’t staff ‘audited’ in annual Personal Development Reviews?

I’m sure Scientologists don’t demand that their flock only spend a minute or two taking a piss.

Whistle-blower wage slaves don’t just get sacked, they get lifetime bans from their careers as the word’s put out. And don’t employers break up families with long hours and huge work demands? I’m afraid the sins of Scientology – its bullying, control-freakery, harassment, exploitation, spying and other illegal activities – are a commonplace in the workplace. Your average wage slave will have experienced deja vu watching The Secrets of Scientology, if they were home of course, or still awake after a day of frenetic torpor at the coalface.

Perhaps the only big difference is that Scientologists await the horrible harvesting return of Lord Xenu, Flash Gordon’s Emperor Ming-like evil space peer. Capitalist serfs will know Xenu as… redundancy.

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