Anorak News | Kent Council Uses Dead Fox As Kerb: Photo

Kent Council Uses Dead Fox As Kerb: Photo

by | 29th, September 2010

THE fox on the road in Kent is believed to have died before council workers painted a white line over its body.

The fox is not thought to be a method actor or mime artiste who saw the line and thought it a trap rendering him unable to move and causing him to die of starvation.

Roy Gladdish, 66, saw the fox:

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we drove past. We were so gobsmacked we had to go round the roundabout and come back. I can’t believe how a human being could do something so despicable to an animal. It’s just atrocious behaviour.”

But isn’t it better that the fox serves a useful purpose as a roadside buffer than be a pariah?

Dead animals save lives – and not just the hedgehogs!

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