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Ready For the China – US Chicken Wars?

by | 29th, September 2010

ARE China and the US heading for a war over chicken? Cheap protein, one of the wonders of the post-war era, is causing trouble. China imports lots of American chicken ($752.2m in 2009).  Given the China makes just about everything you want cheaper, the irony is deep.

China is to place  ‘anti-dumping’ duties on chicken parts and whole birds. The surcharge will be between 50.3 per cent and 105.4 per cent.
Justin Rohrlich ponders:
Jeez, I wonder what that must be like.

I’ll just sit around tonight and ponder this in my $3 Chinese-made t-shirt while I watch a movie on my $20 Chinese-made DVD player after which I will clean the apartment with my $79 Chinese-made vacuum, order some $5 Chinese food from the place on the corner, then drift off to sleep on my $199 Chinese-made mattress between my $19 Chinese-made sheets.
And don’t forget your London Olympic goods

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