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The Apprentice Is Back: Hate Is Good

by | 30th, September 2010

THE Apprentice is almost underway. And with is comes the chance to despise every single contestants vying to crawl the furthest up SurAlan.

And already we have a front-runner. He’s called Alex Epstein. Says Alex:

“I’m a maverick, I worked for a maverick, Sir Alan’s a maverick.”

Hideous and wonderful stuff. And then there is Laura Moore. Laura is good at the violin, so any sob stories, she’s yer girl:

“I can get on with anyone. I can walk into a room of strangers and within five minutes I’ve made three friends.”

What about if only two strangers are in a very small room, Laura? Do you make friends with yourself?

Paloma Vivano’s first job was frying donuts. Says she:

“I have a real fire in my belly. I feel it every time I wake up.”

One word Paloma: Gaviscon.

There’s Christopher Farrell:

“I was a sniper in the Royal Marines and I take that killer instinct across into business.”

Farrell, reportedly, has just been given a two-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £847 costs at Plymouth Crown Court for admitting two charges of possessing an offensive weapon. Police had found an extendable baton and a knuckleduster in his Mercedes

Farrell is on the show because he is believed to have passed the criminal record checks for The Apprentice before being convicted.

It wa allged he hits his wife with the kncuekr duster. But it was never proven.

Still, if he has got a temper, what odds that his kill word is “maverick”..?

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