Anorak News | Irma Nici Linked To Tiger Woods As Madam Defends Beckham: Photos

Irma Nici Linked To Tiger Woods As Madam Defends Beckham: Photos

by | 30th, September 2010

IRMA Nici and David Beckham update time now, readers. Having decided for whatever reason that Irma Nici is a liar, the Sun seeks to confirm it by sharing a few words with Michelle Braun, a madam.

Says Michelle:

If he had been hiring call girls and sleeping around in America, I would have heard about it.”

Every time a prostitute shags a famous name, Michelle Braun gets informed, either by a Post It note or a “ping” via the Trans-Atlantic Report System (TART)?

You can trust Braun, who was once sentenced to three years probation and six months house arrest for money laundering and moving a tart across state lines “for purposes of prostitution”.

And if that wasn’t all the facts you needed to damn Irma Nici, Braun goes on to say:

“Beckham has never been involved with working girls. He is too goody two-shoes for that.”

Well, there is not proof that he has. The story is based on the word of Irma Nici and nothing more. Although another madam, one Kirstin Davis, supports Irma’s story.


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Anyhow, what about the facts. Who is Braun? The Sun’s Pete Samson tells us:

Braun says she supplied escorts, including Loredana Jolie, to…Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods’ Women photos (alleged)

That would be good two-shoes Tiger Woods, the man who right up until he was caught allegedly cheating on his wife with loadsa women was presented as being so clean he passed soap?

If Beckham is looking for allies, he can do better than the Sun and a madam. Best Becks stick to the lawyers…

Other women have been linked to Beckham – allegedly:


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