Anorak News | Jodie Marsh Shows Off Her Missionary Tramp Stamp: Photos

Jodie Marsh Shows Off Her Missionary Tramp Stamp: Photos

by | 30th, September 2010

JODIE Marsh cocks two phones and with Phil Tufnell and Patrick Monahan attempts to set a world record for the longest three-way phone call.

She does this while kneeling on a bed and displaying a tattoo of what appears to be a set of handlebars over her crotch – a missionary position tramp stamp – so adding to the impression that passers by at Waterloo station have stumbled across a live party wank.

Greatest Tattooed Mugshots Ever

It’s 09800LongRelief, an attempt to see how long you can keep going with Jodie Marsh on the other end of the blower. Thankfully Jodie’s voice is a registered contraceptive device and the only stopping the record being smashed is Tuffers pressing the off button as he slams the phone into his forehead….

Tattoos – Tramp Stamps 2
Tattoos – On Your Arse
Tattoos – The Tramp Stamp


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Jodie Marsh takes part in the world's longest three-way call attempt at Waterloo station in London.

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