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Did Tasers Kill Raoul Moat? UK Taser Supplier Found Dead

by | 1st, October 2010

CAN the death of Peter Boatman – director of Pro-Tect Systems, the company that supplied Tasers to police – be linked to the death of Raoul Moat?

The X12 Taser was used against the wanted killer Moat, possibly illegally. The device did not have a licence. The Tasers and XRep ammunition had been imported by Prop-Tect and supplied directly to the police.

Pro-Tect Systems is the exclusive UK distributor for American company Taser International.

Mr Boatman is believed to have committed suicide in the same week the Home Secretary Theresa May revoked Pro-Tect’s licence to import and sell Tasers.

Boatman had been Tasered more than 220 times. The former Northants firearms officer once said:

It’s a bit like lying in bed and feeling a cramp in your leg, but it covers your whole body. Certainly, it’s uncomfortable, but no more painful than a cramp.

“You don’t feel the probes going in. The first thing you notice is the muscles in between them spasming, and then the rest of your body seizes up.

“As soon as the electricity is switched off, you don’t feel anything anymore.

“You wouldn’t call it pleasant, but I’d rather be Tasered than hit with a truncheon or bitten by a police dog.”

Really? This website tracks those wgho have died not long after being Tasered:

ONE CANADIAN and FORTY-FIVE U.S. citizens and ONE Mexican (at the US border) have died so far this year after they were tasered by police.

That might exaggerate the dangers. But when you read the case of people like Baron “Scooter” Pikes, who was shot nine times with a Taser after being arrested on a cocaine charge, you wonder:

He stopped twitching after seven, according to a coroner’s report. Soon afterward, Pikes was dead.

The last two shots were fired into a dead man.

So. Are Tasers dangerous. Yes. Should they be banned..?


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A general view of the scene of a double shooting in the Vigo area of Birtley near Gateshead.

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