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Raoul Moat ‘Kills’ Taser Boss Peter Boardman From

by | 2nd, October 2010

RAOUL MOAT is dead but in light of news that Peter Boatman – director of Pro-Tect Systems – has committed suicide the Daily Mirror comes up with the revolting, nut fudge and lunatic headline:


Is this the most hideous, crazy and sensationalistic headline ever? And remember that Moat was not buried in a grave but cremated and his remains tossed into a river.

Boatman’s firm supplied the unlicensed X12 stun guns used by officers in the stand-off with the killer. As a result, the Home Office revoked their licence to deal with the police.

Pro-Tect managing director Kevin Coles says:

“He was a proud man. After recent events he wasn’t the man he was. We’re just dreadfully sorry for his family.”

Northamptonshire police are “not treating the death as suspicious“.

So. Raoul Moat did not reach out from the great beyond and slaughter Mr Boatman, which might come as small comfort to his grieving family confronted with the Mirror’s front-page headline.

As for Moat. Well, he was a murderer who shot himself in the head. The official version is that he shot himself before police unleashed the untested Tasers in what had become a made-for-TV death chase.


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