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Genie Kidnaps Girl In Saudi Arabia, Muslim Scholars Help Search

by | 2nd, October 2010

TO Alkharj, Saudi Arabia, where father knows – just know – his 16-year-old daughter has been kidnapped by a genie.

Police, army and thousands are said to be looking for the girl. And then she is found in the captial. The Riyadh, Shams daily reports.

“He says this jinn speaks out through her and told them that he would take her to Riyadh…and that is what happened as they later found her in Batiha neighourhood in Riyadh…he then threatened that he would take her away and make her disappear forever…he said he would take her outside the country.”

Bloody genies. But there is a limit to their powers. As the paper says:

“…the unidentified father’s theory has been refuted by Moslem scholars on the grounds jinns can not transport humans.”

Can argue with the scholars. Sheikh Ahmed al Aseeri, a preacher at Alkharj state prison, prates:

“This story about a jinn taking the girl away can not be believed because jinns are not able to carry humans or make them disappear…they can control minds but not bodies so this theory is not correct.”

As for the vanishing:

“She was in her room at around 2.00 am before she vanished…..her mother said her daughter cheated her when she gave her the wrong key for her room…the next day, they found out that she was not in her room.”

Those damn genies!

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