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Madeleine McCann: The Mausoleum and New Investigators

by | 2nd, October 2010

MADELEINE McCann: It seems we were wrong and Our Maddie is still newsworthy. The Mail reports that the Praia da Luz flat from where the child went missing is now a “mausoleum”.

Only, it can’t be. For starters there is no body. And, well, there is no body. And Jasper Gerard hasn’t paid homage.

The Mail says that the two-bed flat with all mod cons remains unsold despite being on the market for two years.

But that is only the ruse for his non-story. The real nuts is found in a “neighbour” opines:

“The flat has never been used again since the little girl went missing. The shutters have stayed down and it is more like a mausoleum than the happy holiday letting it once was.”

And then:

“I still remember the night she went missing and a young female Portuguese officer saying, ‘She must have just walked out – there has been no break-in and the doors were left unlocked’.”

Why mention that for whish there is no proof? The McCanns have spent time and energy making anyone who libels them accountable. The story makes no mention of other theories, such as the popular one that the media’s Our Maddie was kidnapped.

Why not? The writer then adds:

Meanwhile a new private investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance has begun in Portugal. It is being run by three British former police officers: Nigel Brown, who was named Investigator of the Year after securing the rescue of a kidnapped oil company executive, Dave Carter, who worked in Northern Ireland, and Ray Cooper, who investigated war crimes in Bosnia and gang murders in Trinidad and Tobago.

And on it goes…

Madeleine McCann: Live Like The McCanns As Their Praia Da Luz Apartment Goes On Sale


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